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Chloé and MyTheresa Answer the Call of the Countryside in Runaway Baby


Ever imagine what it would be like if the things you imagined came to life and stood right in front of you? Though that feeling may be the last thing you are expecting, it would probably be best to handle it in the way that Theresa does in “Runaway Baby.”

In this three-part film written and directed by Lola Bessis for Chloé and mytheresa.com capsule collection, we follow a young author named Theresa, played by Klara Kristin, as she runs away from Paris, to the countryside in order to better understand her main character, Chloé, played by India Menuez, in the book she is writing. When she arrives at the countryside she finds out that Chloé is not just a character who she wrote about on paper but a living, breathing person who lives in the cabin she is in. After the two women introduce themselves and get to know each other, it allows them to eventually embrace the freedom and adventure they are both on and all the ease that comes with it.

Right in line with the Chloé DNA, the film captures the 70’s, boho-chic nature that is familiar to the brand. Visualized in the film through the characters’ care-free nature which allows for their creativity to truly come through and shine, precisely reflecting the house’s foundation of being free and creative.







Writer & Director | Lola Bessis
Actors | Klaria Kristin & India Menuez
Music | Alexandre de La Baume