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Sagittaire A Opts to show Fall 2018 Collection as a Fashion Film

Newly launched Parisian brand SAGITTAIRE A has a fresh idea to offer fashion. In a season where one’s experience of clothing design has become a newsworthy buzz through fashion week’s runway shows and presentations, we are introduced to a perspective towards clothing that captivates attention unlike anything done before. Rather than present on the runway calendar the brand released a fashion film. The affect of SAGITTAIRE A’s approach to fashion design and brand marketing leaves us desiring more from fashion.

Haunting photographic images of distorted faces and infant twins identical to Stephan King’s ‘The Shining’ appear as graphics on the back crest of jackets and the chests of t-shirts, models cum actors styled in beige and olive overcoats hunchbacked over their heads. The brand invested in the presentation of design as a tool to engage a fashion audience comfortable with a calendar of runway shows and presentations, generally entertained by little. Even such a preface suffices the description of the work. SAGITTAIRE A presents their first collection titled Samphrenia, a play on words between Schizophrenia and Sample, referring to the state of mind that brought the team to create the samples in the collection. The fashion film sets in a psychiatric hospital inspired by Milos Forman’s 1975 film ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ where sleep deprived models – “woken in the middle of the night in order to obtain a face expression which translates an eagerness for freedom.” In a barren hospital setting, their nocturnal tenacity complements with harsh fashion statements. And the film’s protagonist, Marat wheels around in a wheelchair absorbing the orchestration of models aimlessly wandering for freedom.

Set for a show, the stage was suggestively set for guests, who never attended. With much excitement over the unisex pipelined boxy blazers and overcoats, a natural response of any fashion addict, the approach to releasing a new collection was less about the clothes and more about the story behind the design hand. Through the film SAGITTAIRE A presents it’s brand identity, mission and point of view. That is, the exploration for a natural sense of expression, through fashion. This fashion film released it freely!