Saint Laurent Fall 2018 Ad Campaign Part 1 Kate Moss

Saint Laurent | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign Part 1

There is a fine and subtle art to seduction that fashion has been lost of late. When it drifted away one can’t recall. It feels as though it is a distant memory, pushed out to the edges by the combination of streetwear, loud graphics and oversized jackets.

This season Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello has teamed with photographer duo Inez and Vinoodh to jog our memory back with Part 1 of Saint Laurent’s Fall 2018 ad campaign staring Kate Moss.

Like a siren from the sea, Moss is featured in a pair short films where the seduction is at every corner. The films are a combination of layered cinematic frames that focus the eye and feel like memories. Moss plays her part with wayward glances and casual arched back poses while slipping into the sea. A repetition of waves softly float through the backing track, Romy by Bruno Alexiu, that drips with haunting romance and ties the mood together. Combined the elements remind the viewer just how wonderful seduction is as a marketing tool.

Why seduction has all but disappeared from fashion communication is lost on The Impression. Perhaps in this overtly PC world it has become too dangerous a game to play, or perhaps accountants rule the day, and we all know how dry that crew can be.

But we here at The Impression welcome seduction back with open arms and are grateful for the team at Saint Laurent and the husband and wife duo of Inez & Vinoodh for rising her from the ashes. And with a campaign title of ‘Part 1,’ we are looking forward to the wave of ‘Part 2’ of Saint Laurent’s fall campaign to wash over us again. After all, like a great memory, campaigns should be as well crafted as this one, to be memorable. That is a seduction which leads to sales, which actually seduces accountants.

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello
Photographer |  Inez & Vinoodh
Model | Kate Moss
Music | Romy by Bruno Alexiu