Saint Laurent Rive Droite Releases Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari’s ‘Noses Elbows and Knees’

Saint Laurent Rive Droite is exclusively launching Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari‘s photobook, Noses Elbows and Knees for pre-order in Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s Paris and Los Angeles stores today.

The photobook was curated by Neville Wakefield, the same art curator who worked on the duo’s “Noses Elbows And Knees” exhibition at Half Gallery, New York in 2017. The book is a culmination of the exhibit bringing Sorrenti and Baldessari’s art together.

Inside the book, you’ll find Baldessari’s signature paintings of body parts of photographs by Sorrenti, a commentary on Hollywood culture. Together the duo deconstructs beauty conventions by stripping off clothes and stripping back societal codes through the collages.

Each copy of Noses Elbows and Knees includes a certificate of authenticity signed by Mario Sorrenti and John Baldessari. The issues are number three and four of 26 and retail for €22,000 EUR apiece (approx. $23,800 USD).