Saint Laurent Opens Rive Droite Open-Air Cafe

Saint Laurent

Opens Rive Droite Open-Air Cafe

From brass spinning tops, African terracotta statuettes, to artisanal pastries and drinks, Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s new art, furniture, and cafe has it all. The Parisian extension of the classic fashion house is entering new territory by blending together a gallery of magnificent African art and vintage furniture pieces with a chic, black marble, in an open-air cafe which just opened.

The cultural African pieces, curated by Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello, include a rare Senofu hornbill bird from the Ivory Coast, a variety of ritual masks from several different tribes throughout Africa, and numerous other powerful pieces of art that serve to preserve the cultural importance that has influenced many Saint Laurent stylistic decisions.

Aesthetics collide as these fantastic pieces are placed alongside beautiful artefacts of classic furniture. A sculpture from the Galerie Laffanour, Pierre Jeanneret’s pony-Sofa, and the office chair from the Patrick Séguin Gallery are all exclusive additions to the innovative space.

These spectacular pieces of history adorn the gallery space and contrast distinctively with the equally as unconventional new cafe. In a masterful attempt to blend the old with the new, patrons of the cafe and gallery will receive takeaway cups along with their drinks that adorn “a weekly QR code… [with] a dedicated music soundtrack… to listen to a playlist selected by Saint Laurent,” according to a press release from the house.

Saint Laurent is stepping into the future while giving a respectful nod to the past, and I have no doubt that this unique exhibition will expose the people of Paris to all that they have no offer, whether that be a delicious cappucino or an authentic African mask.

Saint Laurent Opens Rive Droite Open-Air Cafe