Salvatore Ferragamo launches 'House of Gifts' virtual store

Salvatore Ferragamo launches ‘House of Gifts’ virtual store

Salvatore Ferragamo opens House of Gifts, an immersive digital space that takes inspiration from the Movie O’Clock theme of the Holiday 2021 campaign. The next stage in the brand’s digital innovation journey, Salvatore Ferragamo House of Gifts is a temporary virtual store with a selection of women’s and men’s products for the festive season.

Thanks to sophisticated 3D animation, the Italian villa used in the Holiday campaign has been recreated to virtually host the Ferragamo community inside the same setting. The guests are free to interactively explore all the rooms, living the same experience of the Holiday campaign protagonists, and take a close-up look at the brand’s shoes, accessory and ready-to-wear ranges for the party season.

Craftsmanship and beauty do not exist for Ferragamo without innovation, and through this highly inclusive experience every user will take centre stage of an authentic modern tale, rich of beauty, joy and warmth. This starts on their arrival, the villa’s exterior dressed for the party with twinkling lights that provide a unique welcome. Once inside, the user moves freely around the Library, the Piano Room, the Dining Hall and the Cinema Room, retracing the stand-out moments from the Holiday campaign video, a short film made by director Barbara Anastacio showing the intimacy and warmth of sharing a moment.

In Ferragamo House of Gifts, visitors can view product images and detailed descriptions of every item, ready to be added to basket or just included on a wishlist that can then be shared on WhatsApp and e-mail. There’s also a gift suggestion quiz, with a series of questions to help the user find the perfect gift. House of Gifts provides 360 interaction, with a client advisor on hand via chat, call or video call, for an improved overall shopping experience.

In the Dining Hall users can click on some pictures to access a series of videos introducing the young stars of the campaign, an assorted cast of actors, composers and musicians who swap their usual attire for festive, timelessly stylish Ferragamo clothes, shoes and accessories.

In the Cinema Room users will be able to view the campaign video and it is here, in the campaign, that the stars of the short gather to watch the film that has been chosen for the evening, Salvatore – Shoemaker of Dreams. Our journey through the villa takes us to an exclusive room reserved for registered users, who can access bespoke content created only for them.

Ferragamo House of Gifts is an innovative digital experience that seeks to engage dynamically with the Ferragamo community, allowing them, with a few simple moves, to use a range of digital touchpoints to travel deep into the Ferragamo universe. The Holiday 2021 campaign is about small gestures, smiles and hugs. Likewise, with House of Gifts Ferragamo invites us to linger on the little details. After all, it is the little details that make up the big picture and make the difference.

The Holiday 2021 collection will also take centre stage in the store windows of Salvatore Ferragamo flagships and on all its digital channels and those of its partners.

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