Salvatore Ferragamo launches Trivia game digital project

Salvatore Ferragamo launches digital TRIVIA project

In this period of isolation, brands have further recognized that they are as much producers of content and storytelling as they are of product. The latest example can be found in Ferragamo’s newest digital project entitled TRIVIA which serves as both a trivia game and a lesson in perseverance via the story of Salvatore Ferragamo’s personal journey.

The project is broken into 5 episodes scheduled on Wednesday and Saturday, until April 4th and pushed out via Instagram and Facebook. Episode one begins in a young Ferragamo constructing white shoes for his sister and traveling to Hollywood at the age of 16 to getting his footing in the service to the stars industry.

Should avid followers of the house, which in recent years has modernized well under the stewardship of Creative Director Paul Andrew, be inclined to tune into the series remains to be seen, however, The Impression applauds the thinking and the idea of gamification of one’s brand. A wave many should also catch.

On the gamification note, we think it would be wise to develop a ‘game-night’ with prizes, and perhaps that is how the game itself will play out. If so, count us in, especially if it is a drinking game.

Salvatore Ferragamo launches Trivia game digital project