Samuel Ross and Daniel Arsham Grants for Black Artists

Samuel Ross and Daniel Arsham Support Black Artists

Samuel Ross’s label A-Cold-Wall* and Artist Daniel Arsham Provide Grants for Black Artists, Designers, and Architects

Samuel Ross and Daniel Arsham Grants for Black Artists

Earlier this month, Samuel Ross announced via Instagram that his label A-Cold-Wall* was supporting 10 independent black businesses through a total of £25,000 in grants, as well as donating £10,000 to Black Lives Matter.

The initiative followed Ross’s heartfelt plea for action in response to anti-racism protests that spread across the globe, sparked by the senseless and unjust death of George Floyd.

My Heart and soul is with our brothers and sisters in the USA – I am with you in solidarity, and in spirit. As a global people – continue to donate. Economic support will assist in expediting and compounding resources – tangible change.

— Samuel Ross, Founder and Creative Director of A-Cold-Wall*

After hearing media reports about A-Cold-Wall*’s grant program, NYC-based artist Daniel Arsham reached out to Ross and decided to match the original initiative with a second round of grants for Black Artists, Sculptors, Industrial Designers, and Architects.

Police reform and social justice are just one part of the puzzle towards dismantling systemic racism in The United States. I reached out to my colleague to inquire about his own initiatives in this area. I will be matching the initial $30,000 that A-COLD-WALL* has given to Black entrepreneurs for a new round of grants to Black Artists and Architects. Samuel & I will be selecting 10 Black Artists or Architects to receive unrestricted $3,000 grants. 

— Daniel Arsham

The newest round of grants will be distributed on June 19, and applicants should email with a portfolio and information about their practice.

Eligible entrepreneurs for the initial round of grants provided by A-Cold-Wall* represented a broad range of categories including fashion, beauty, retail, design, engineering, tech, urban planning, education, agriculture, and the arts. Initial grant recipients ranged in age from 23 to 35, and seventy-five percent of recipients had been running their companies for 18 months or longer; for additional information about initial grant recipients and their businesses please see below.

Tech: Kwanda
Tech: Crypcentra
Design + engineering: Aeism
Design + engineering: Plugull
Fashion + retail: Cremate
Fashion + retail: Uniform
Arts + creation: ïhe&Oherë
Beauty + grooming: Biophile
Beauty + grooming: Goodman
Food + catering: Sunmo
Food + catering: Artels