See by Chloé Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

See by Chloé

Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

See By Chloé celebrates the summer with a breezy and beautiful campaign.

The collection is characterized by an elegant and airy simplicity, and photographer Mel Bles matches this energy with her photographs. The interior shots make smart use of natural light, so though we are situated inside a room, we still feel in touch with the simplicity of the natural world. There is a naturalness too in the way the models casually relax together and regard the camera inquisitively. Yet the elegant furnishings of this apartment and the artfulness of the shots elevate it beyond the everyday. Upholstered furniture converses with floral patterns from the collection; artwork and mirrors hung on the wall behind our heroines lend them a literary quality. The compositions are exquisitely cohesive.

The short film furthers this idea of transcendent simplicity, with thoughtful shots capturing intimate moments of togetherness or small plays of the light. The exterior world is hinted at in reflections and through windows, but never filmed directly, lending to the sense that we might be engaging with an internal world of the soul.

Simple yet thoughtful and beautifully executed, the campaign is yet another testament to the magic that happens when brands let artists take the lead. All of its strength comes from Mel Bles and her deft photographic touch, and Chloé is wise to sit back and watch her work. We like what we see.

See by Chloé Summer 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

Photographer | Mel Bles

Fashion Writer | The Impression