Selfridges Holiday 2019 Campaign with Noomi Rapace


'Future Fantasy - A Christmas for Modern Times' Holiday 2019 Campaign

High-end department store Selfridges, based in the UK, has enlisted Director Nabil Elderkin to create a short film with a set designed by Arsham Studios, featuring actor Noomi Rapace, musician Miguel, Dior Men’s Creative Director Kim Jones, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wiley and many others. Rapace is the focal point for an evening that begins with a futuristic dinner party and ends with dancing at the club, with voiceover narration by rapper/actor Little Simz. The intention no doubt was to portray an eclectic, edgy, all-inclusive adult lifestyle fantasy but the result feels vaguely foreboding, like a post-apocalyptic world that lacks any meaningful human connections.

American artist Daniel Arsham has created a dinner party set with an icy-looking artificial tree, party drinks that look like anti-freeze, and a party venue with lots of toned bodies and multi-colored lasers. To provide a wider perspective for these visuals: Arsham’s artwork consists of sculpted baseballs, clocks, phones and classical marble statues that are degrading as if they’re been sprayed with corrosive acid. Subsequently, he is a thought-provoking choice for establishing the look of a film about the holidays. And yet his synthetic vision of the future feels cold and unsatisfying, like a ghost of Christmas future that it would be best to avoid, if at all possible. The voiceover talks about the family we choose, and the party-goers are superficially festive. However, a few waves, smiles, side hugs and blown kisses are the only interactions the heroine has with her chosen family before running off to the laser-filled ball. She seems a little lost after leaving the dance floor and leaves no glass slipper behind for her dance partner Miguel to track her down. Instead, she just wanders off in a daze.

The holidays are generally acknowledged as a time to catch up with friends and family, and if that happens to be a family of your choosing, then all the better. If in the end you are left wandering the streets alone, as in this Selfridges holiday campaign, perhaps it is an indication that better choices need to be made. The ad campaign has some striking visuals and an all-star cast, but in the end, it is all flash with little substance.

Director | Nabil Elderkin
Talents | Noomi Rapace, Miguel, Kim Jones, Jefferson Hack, Debra Shaw, Adesuwa Aighewi, Peter Dupont, Aoi Moe Watanabe, Magdalena Sverlander, Hidetatsu Takeuchi, Marika Amegha, Amalia Vairelli, Daniel Arsham & others
Makeup | Peter Philips
Set Designer | Arsham Studio
Voiceover | Little Simz

Art Director/Fashion Editor