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The Latest in Spring 2015 Fashion Ad Campaigns

The Impression recognizes the difference between a pre-released ad campaign in the process of fine tuning and a final campaign. We respectfully hold off on editorial reviews of creative until the final campaign is released.

Missoni Spring 2015 missoni01missoni02

Agency | M/M Paris
Photographer | Viviane Sassen
Model | Amanda Murphy

Mugler Spring 2015memo-mugler

Photographer | Josh Ollins
Model | Joséphine Le Tutour
Fashion Editor | Clare Richardson
Hair | Shon Ju
Makeup | Maki Ryoke

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-1 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-2 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-3 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-4 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-5 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-6 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-7 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-8 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-9 nicki-roberto-cavalli-sp-15-pre-ad-10

Photographer | Francesco Carrozzini
Model | Nicki Minaj