Stella McCartney Attends G7 for Sustainable Markets Initiative

The British Designer Represented the Fashion Industry at the 47th Summit of the G7 International Political Forum

British designer Stella McCartney attended the 47th meeting of the G7 in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, where she met with world leaders to discuss sustainability and policy change from her perspective as a leader of sustainability efforts by the fashion industry.

Through her eponymous label, McCartney has been one of the most pioneering advocates for sustainability, environmentalism, and animal rights within the industry.

This was the first instance of the G7 where CEOs were officially invited to speak directly with world leaders and the issue of working toward a sustainable future. McCartney was invited by the Prince of Wales as part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative, along with other CEOs from some of the world’s leading companies. McCartney represented the fashion industry, taking the opportunity to discuss policy change and sustainability issues within the industry today with the Prince of Wales and other world leaders in attendance.

I am honoured to represent the fashion industry today, one of the most polluting in the world. My goal is to drive change, encourage investments and create lasting difference through incentives supporting the next generation. I hope the G7 Summit will translate our message into policies bringing us closer to creating a cruelty-free society that is kinder to all creatures, Mother Earth and each other.

— Stella McCartney, Founder and Creative Director of Stella McCartney