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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Diesel doubles down again for fall offering two campaigns at different ends of the spectrum. The main collection remains an amalgam of classical and digital while the premium collection, Black Gold, presents an edgy-serene look.

Photographer Nic Knight lensed the main campaign which features a bevy of street kids cast from the web alongside Japanese actress/singer, Kiko Mizuhara.

“We were looking at many of the great images, from fashion advertising to fine art, that have shaped our way of looking at things. We wanted to bring them together – pop Picasso-style! – through the use of the digital medium”, Nicola Formichetti, Diesel’s artistic director, explained. “In many ways it was looking at the ‘great group shots’ through history, from Michelangelo to Avedon. And with new beginnings there is always a certain looking back to look forward, here it appears as a sort of ‘Neo- neoclassicism’ in the campaign.”

There is a deliberate attempt to look at Italian art throughout the centuries, right back to the Renaissance

Nick Knight

“It was an idea to bring together great moments in visual culture that we liked. It’s the juxtaposition of the two, of the classical and digital that makes them both feel stronger” shares Nick Knight.

At the other end of the spectrum is the Diesel Black Gold campaign shot by Karim Sadli and art directed by Remi Paringaux of Meri Media. The campaign features Julia Nobis and Nicola Wincenc in the simplest of settings letting their attitude and the clothes project the brands edgy essence.

Photographer | Nick Knight
Creative Director | Nicola Formichetti
Talent/Models| Kiko Mizuhara, Colton Haynes, Gabby Westbrook & others
Set Designer | Andrew Tomlinson
Hair Stylist | Tomo Jidai
Makeup Artist | Laura Dominique
Manicurist | Marian Newmandiesel-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-1diesel-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-2diesel-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-3diesel-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-5diesel-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-4
Photographer | Karim Sadli
Art Director | Remi Paringaux of Meri Media
Models| Julia Nobis & Nicola Wincenc
Stylist | Marie-Amélie Sauvé
Hair Stylist | Damien Boissinot
Makeup Artist | Christelle Cocquetdiesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-7 diesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-6 diesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-5 diesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-4 diesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-3 diesel-black-gold-fall-2014-ad-campaign-the-impression-2