1000CHIODI Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Sunnei 1000CHIODI Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Sunnei Creative Directors Loris Messina & Simone Rizzo with Photographer Ronni Campana

Sunnei celebrates its sneakers of the future with a smart new campaign by photographer Ronnie Campana.

With a zany design available in a range of unique color combinations, the 1000CHIODI seems poised to become the offbeat sneaker of the summer. The sneaker’s name, which translates to “1000 nails,” is a playful reference to the soles’ rubber studs, which also curiously wrap around the toe and heel. Combined with its slip-on design and seemingly waterproof technical fabric, the sneaker makes for a very funky look.

Campana’s campaign imagery highlights the everyday practicality and versatility of the unique design. He captures the bottom half of his eclectically styled models against a blank studio backdrop in poses of simple, everyday activities: walking the dog, grabbing something from a pocket, holding one’s kid.

The uniqueness of the shoe design has an interesting interplay with these very normal and un-unique postures, perhaps suggesting that everyone has an aspect of individual weirdness and that they deserve to express it in comfort.

In reference to the name of the shoe, one image disrupts the normalcy of the other campaign images by depicting bare feet standing on a bed of nails, accompanied by the definitions of the words “1000” and “chiodi.” The tension between the intensity and pain of the image of the nails, the frankness with which it and the other images are captured, and the stark objectivity of the definitions, puts an excellent finishing touch on the campaign’s tone of ironic distance, fun, and confidence in weirdness.

It’s a smart way to capture the spirit of a confidently weird shoe. Sunnei seems ready to go anywhere we are brave enough to take it.

Sunnei Creative Director | Loris Messina & Simone Rizzo
Photographer | Ronni Campana
Stylist | Francesca Izzi