Sunnei Unveils Sunnei Radio

Radio Sunnei Aims To Become The Visual And Acoustic Background To Your Life

Sunnei has announced Radio Sunnei. They are marketing it as a platform to listen and watch with no breaks: a destination where good music and nice visuals will always be there for those in search of the ideal atmosphere. The project will be launched later this spring with the aim for it to become the visual and acoustic background to every facet for the lives of their community of followers.

Sound and scene are equally important for Radio Sunnei and they will both vary as time flows, in a daily journey across genres and imageries. The 24-hour music streaming will be constantly complemented by special visible content.

As an entity with a personality of its own, Sunnei has now taken shape of a place in which music corresponds to the next layer of the brand’s identity with the intent to connect to the label’s community and to involve even a broader public.

Sunnei posted a promotional video on their Instagram. It features a mysterious trip through a building with flashing lights ending on two items which may or may not be jukeboxes. All of these eerie images are accompanied by techno music. Sunnei’s Instagram followers seem incredibly enthused by this teaser which bodes well for this project. This building in the video corresponds to a physical room located inside the Sunnei headquarter – the so-called Palazzina Sunnei, and that is where everything will happen. Stay tuned for more information when Sunnei launches Radio Sunnei.

Photo | Backstage at Sunnei Spring 2019