Superdry Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign by Boo George Photos


Spring 2020 Ad Campaign by Boo George

Superdry has released an ad campaign with Creative Direction by Becky Smith of Twin Studios and photography by Boo George.

Charismatic and practically oozing sex appeal, Louis Baines and Luma Grothe are the subjects of the no-frills campaign with the tagline “Our Icons, Your Way”. It is unclear what that phrase even means…but it is unlikely that viewers will care since they will be mesmerized and distracted by the self-assured confidence and youthful beauty on display.

As with many fashion ad campaigns, there is a lot of bare flesh and though it’s not coy about its portrayal of sexuality, it somehow doesn’t feel salacious. Perhaps it’s because the black and white photos aren’t a gimmick to tone things down and add a superficial layer of sophistication. Rather, it is photographer Boo George’s preferred format, which he also uses to document moody landscapes, rural farmers, and fishermen in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. His skill at capturing images that are cinematic, personal, and revealing are the catalyst for a supercharged photoshoot that is unapologetically sensual.

Creative Director Becky Smith is wise to objectify both the male and female subjects equally and presumably encourage them to confront the camera, staring directly at the lens at every moment. The body language makes it feel like they are the ones in charge here and gives the impression that they are willing collaborators with a complete agency. Surely, it is no coincidence that the models seem to engage directly with the person behind the camera at every moment, with the exception of two instances in which Baines seems to be gazing down towards his feet. The art direction of the campaign proves it is still possible to create a sexy ad campaign in the post-“me-too” world…and if sex really does sell, then Superdry has it made.

Superdry Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign by Boo George Photos
Superdry Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign by Boo George Photos

Agency | Twin Studios
Creative Director | Becky Smith
Photographer | Boo George
Models | Louis Baines & Luma Grothe
Stylist | Raphael Hirsch
Hair | Kei Terada
Makeup | Florrie White

Art Director/Fashion Editor