Swarovski Opens Latest Wonderlab Concept Store in Mexico City

Swarovski’s “Instant Wonder” Now Open In Centro Commercial Antara, Mexico City

Swarovski continues the rollout of its “Instant Wonder” concept stores. The brand’s newest location just opened in Centro Comercial Antara in Mexico City. As part of Swarovski Wonderlab, the brand will open 28 of the concept stores in key global markets. 

The brick-and-mortar stores are designed to reflect the brand’s new direction and visual identity, and are meant to be a vibrant and immersive experience. The stores are all constructed as candy-like dreamscapes, housing the full spectrum of Swarovski crystals pieces —loose components, jewelry, watches, figurines, and accessories. 

The Mexico City store is wrapped in pink and green hues, as each store is inspired by the prismatic light of crystals. The walls are lined from floor to ceiling in a repeat of Swarovski’s signature octagonal boxes. Throughout the store, there are 3-D printed personalities replacing traditional jewelry display stands.

The Wonderlab concept was launched under Giovanna Engelbert, Swarovski’s first-ever global creative director who was appointed to the role last May. Her designs are best described as maximalist Italian. Regarding the inspiration for the stores Engelbert has said, “The Wonderlab is where science and magic meet, where extra and elegance collide. It is a feeling of wonder that everyone should experience as we invite them into our new world at Swarovski.”

The first store opening was the Milan Galleria store in February, followed by the Champs Elysée in March, and then Rockefeller Center in April. The concept stores have spread out through Asia as well, with locations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Shanghai. Our only question is, where will Instant Wonder pop up next?