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It is the seasonal sport which makes for great water-cooler conversation and heavy March and September issues. While the medium of consuming is evolving, the fact is that content is still king. The Impression loves watching each campaign unfold, often starting with the tease of a single image and eventually blossoming into a full fledged campaign. And every once in awhile as we speed along through all those magazine pages, online ads, and films something will jump out and make us stop … give pause … reflect … admire … and impress.

We didn’t just stumble upon our name. We were inspired by those that rose to the top and wanted to champion and celebrate their achievements. 




Agency | Berger & Wild
Creative Director | Magnus Berger
Photographer | Cass Bird
Model | Daria Werbowy
Calvin Klein

Photographer | David Sims
Model | Kaner Flex & FKA Twigs
Stylist | Max Permian
Choreographer | Kaner Flex


Agency | Spring Studios, New York (US)
Photographers | Santiago & Mauricio
Creative Director | Nicola Formichetti
Models | Joe Jonas, Stav Strashko, Kiko Mizuhara & Trevor Signorino
Production | Spring Studios, New York (US)
Post Production | Modern Post, New York (US) / Spring Studios, London (UK)

Frame Denim

 Photographer | Erik Tortensson
Model | Lara Stone
Stylist | George Cortina
Hair | Luke Hersheson
Makeup | Val Garland

Pepe Jeans

Agency | Spring Studios
Photographer | Daniel Jackson
Executive Creative Director | Robin Harvey
Creative Director | James Barnfield
Strategy Director | Chris Barrett
Models | Georgia May Jagger, Simon Nessman
Stylist | Katy England
Hair | Sam McKnight
Makeup | Lisa Butler
Casting | Camilla Bigler