The Best Social Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2018

Social | The Best Ads of Fall 2018

The Impression’s Best Social Fashion Ad Campaigns of Fall 2018

The Impression’s Chief Impressionist, Kenneth Richard, and The Impression team select the best social ad campaigns of the fall 2018 season. Campaigns driven and developed either from social or with social as the key driver.

While many a design house has looked to jump the media gate keepers via distributing their campaign solely on their own network (namely instagram), The Impression looks at the medium differently. Specifically we look at campaigns that were concepted for social as a way to tell the story.

Gucci’s The Art of Beauty campaign leveraged social as a means to address beauty academically, retaining historians to write and educate about the standards of beauty as shown through art of the ages. Burberry took to Instagram to share their new monogram, amping up out-of-home to share what traditionally would of only been seen from casual by-passers. Digital was as important a media outlet as that of the regional locations.

Gap was inspired by social connectivity, building an entire campaign from the digital sentiment of others. Fendi launched an entire collection based on a artist Hey Reilly’s works that came to light via Instagram, while Hedi Slimane at Celine took the most traditional approach, close to jumping media, but designed to be an ever evolving series.

All leveraged digital in their own unique ways and tailored the offering specifically to the medium.



The Art of Beauty



The Monogram Campaign





Hedi Slimane’s Ongoing Portrait Series


Celine Creative Director/ Photographer | Hedi Slimane
Models | Bente Oort, Evelyn Nagy, Isabel Jones, Jakob Eilinghoff, Kaila Wyatt, Liv Sillinger, & Thialda Bok
Hair | Esther Langham
Makeup | Aaron de Mey




Good Creates Good


Agency | Yard NYC
Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer | Stephen Niedzwiecki
Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer | Ruth Bernstein
Talent | Kyle, Madame Gandhi, Kimberly Drew, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, King Princess, Notoriously Dapper, Topher Brophy, Noor Tagouri, Alejandro Chal, Carlotta Kohl, Ezinma, & Chella Man
Executive Director Strategy & Digital Innovation | James Denman
Executive Creative Director | Matthew Jerrett
Creative Director | Michael Bird
Art Directors | Sofia Glimnell & Steven Williams
Copywriter | Kira Pack
Jr. Copywriter | Leah Keiter
Acct. Supervisor | Bobby Bush
Project Manager | Lucie Hajian
Head of Production | Kirsten Arongino
Sr. Producers | Molly Dowd & Jane Minehan
Production Coordinator | Katrina Allick