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Furla brings its Cruise 2018 collection to life literally with its new campaign, The Furla Society, featuring woman that embody the character of the label’s holiday collection.


Have you ever wondered what your wardrobe would look and act like if it took on a life of its own? And no, we don’t mean this in the anthropomorphic way, even if a clutch and handbag would look very cute with eyes. We mean, what would your clothes or accessories look like and behave like if it was an actual person. Would they be fun and charming, brooding and introspective, or maybe witty and intelligent? If you’ve ever thought about this, you’re not alone because Furla explores this idea in its Cruise 2018 campaign.

The Bologna-based company on introduces The Furla Society, a new digitally led campaign that reimagines the Cruise 2018 collection as human characters. The series stars a collective of women that embody the appearance of pieces from the collection and give a personality to the pieces as well.

Creative directed by Wednesday London, the video opens on a bartender who serves a drink to each woman and uncovers their unique personalities for the audience. The first woman, who is clad in a pink ensemble with fur sleeves, is giddy for her cocktail, while the second is less energetic in personality but dons a colorful silk outfit with a matching head wrap.

Ujin Lin, the video director, chose stationary shots and clever zooms to better capture the playful, flirty, and posh personalities. The most fun part of The Furla Society is pairing each woman to the style that they represent.

“The campaign is the first to reflect the brand’s new business strategy and direction, which is focused on affirming Furla’s position as the primary Italian accessories brand through consumer engagement and a consistent, fun and engaging tone of voice,” said Furla CEO Alberto Camerlengo.

The Italian accessories brand boasts vibrant, charismatic statement pieces that could enhance the wearer’s personality. The Furla Society makes us wonder if we would be best friends with our favorite pieces, or at least on speaking terms.




Agency | Wednesday London
Director | Ujin Lin