The Kooples Spring 2020 Fashion Ad Campaign Photos

The Kooples

Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Romance, mystery, impeccable style, all in black and white. Sounds like the making of an iconic movie? Or in this case, a stunning fashion campaign. Parisian clothing brand The Kooples is building on the unbeatable aesthetic of classic murder mystery films in their latest campaign, featuring model Barbara Palvin and her beau, actor Dylan Sprouse.

Videographer Nathan Presley is behind the vision of the short film. Within 50 seconds, the brand draws in the audience the way a full production would, featuring elements of love, style, adventure, and the theme of mystery behind it all. It’s captivating, beautiful, and best of all shows off the styles in an almost secretive way. This is achieved through artistic angles, atmospheric cinematography, and genuine chemistry between Palvin and Sprouse, with the new designs being used to further complement these aspects.

The authenticity of Palvin and Sprouse as a couple is definitely appreciated. It’s always apparent when a brand chooses talent because of their chemistry, not despite a lack thereof. The photographs, caught by Cameron McCool, that accompany the mystifying film are equally as appealing, with the young couple giving off an air of maturity and intrigue. The campaign upholds the innovative sleekness that the brand is known for, and sets them up for a future of even more artistry, authenticity, and allure!

Photographer | Cameron McCool
Videographer | Nathan Presley
Models | Barbara Palvin & Dylan Sprouse
Hair | Hikaru Hirano
Makeup | John McKay
Production | Carling French – French Productions
Editor | Sam Fuller
Location | Los Angeles