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Fashion is full of giants, be it big media companies or multi-generational, established design houses. But for every Goliath there is a David. Young, relatively, and scrappy businesses that are happy to take on giants, they are the renegades… “The Others.”

At The Impression we see high to low, on the beaten track and off. And often, some of our favorite shows don’t occur in a big box, with a big set, from a big house. Not that we mind those, as the big are big for a reason and they certainly deserve the attention they receive.

But what about ‘The Others’? You know, the ones trying to build a label before they build a house to house their shows. The Impression wanted to call out a few ‘other’ designers whose work inspired us by their design integrity. All the fellow designers here do be they newbies or on the cusp of the establishment, here are THE IMPRESSION’S SPRING 2017 BEST OF THE OTHERS MILAN


Designer | Gabriele Colangelo

Designers | Massimo Giorgetti

Emilio Pucci
Designers | Massimo Giorgetti

Fausto Puglisi
Designer | Fausto Puglisi

Designer | Wolfgang Joop

Designer | Giambattista Valli

Gabriele Colangelo
Designer | Gabriele Colangelo

Maurizio Pecoraro
Designer | Maurizio Pecoraro