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Our look at The Impression’s Top 10 Sets of Fall 2017

William Shakespeare would of clearly been a fashion fan as well as a fan of sets. After all, he did pen, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances.”

Anya Hindmarch

Designer Anya Hindmarch continued to expand her brand this season, playing with an outdoorsy desert like feel. She brought her vision to life with a set that looked like a geometric desert landscape, complete with a pyramid in the backdrop. The set made the show feel warm, fun, and just all around beautiful.


Céline allowed the audience to be more a part of the show this season, with rotating bleachers. The audience sat in rotating bleachers while the models walked throughout the room. Great way to keep the audience engaged!


This season Chanel’s dramatic spaceship took center stage. The futuristic feel made for an eye catching set, equipped with steam coming from the space ship at take off.



Creative director Stuart Vevers carefully laid out his vision for this show with his western prairie inspired set. The landscaped tumbleweed and rundown house paved the way for the models. The prints on the clothing often reflected the western theme as well, with one skirt even featuring horses on it. This creative set certainly put the audience in a setting that was one to remember.


The set for Gucci felt futuristic with surreal occult symbolism. Alessandro Michele built a large black pyramid in the middle of the show, with a weather vane on top. The models then walked around the pyramid, inside an enclosed plexiglass tunnel.

Louis Vuitton

Going back to the 17th- and 18th-centuries through sculptures, Louis Vuitton hosted their show in the Louvre, at the Cour Marly in the Richelieu wing. Models walked down marble stair cases, while weaving their way through priceless sculptures. The art was the perfect backdrop for Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection.

Moncler Gamme Rouge

The colorful, spray painted foliage made the audience smell and feel the cold, crisp autumn air. Successfully bringing the great outdoors inside always deserves an applause.


Off-White gave the classic autumn landscape a more ominous and eerie feeling. With the foggy, dim lighting and torn clothes, it felt as though Red Riding Hood came across some serious trouble in the woods.

Thom Browne

Fabric, fabric everywhere and not a drop to drink. The frosty pond at Thom Browne was made entirely of fabric, complete with penguins, rocks, cattails, and a little row boat bringing Hector safely to shore.

Tommy Hilfiger

Following the boardwalk he had built in NYC for September, Tommy created a whimsical theme park just steps from the ocean in Venice Beach, California. Complete with rides, theme park games, and a souvenir shop, Tommy gave his guests an experience to remember. He even cast a crew of skaters to complete the carefree Cali beach theme.