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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As fashion’s economic engine, accessories are at the heart of many a fashion empire and The Impression loves to see how creative directors approach these coveted objects each season. By the nature of their size, accessories are a bit of a creative challenge to show off in relationship to the wearers. Thus requiring a bit of forethought before heading to a shoot. This season, Coach once again took to suburbia for a sublime campaign by Fabien Baron and Steven Meisel. Marc Ascoli, responsible for some of the 90’s most powerful ads as well as nurturing photographers like David Sims, returned to the game this season, putting his touch on the most recent Tod’s ads. Be they art directed by newcomers or established guns, here are The Impression’s Top 10 Accessory Ads of Spring 2015.

top 10 accessories.002
top 10 accessories.003
bottega Doug.001

top 10 accessories.006
top 10 accessories.007
top 10 accessories.008
top 10 accessories.009
top 10 accessories.010
top 10 accessories.001