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As any consumer survey will tell you, the most beloved brand in any region isn’t the Prada or Guccis of the world – or even Apple, for that matter. It is the local sports team.

Sporting apparel is a big business, be it fan or activity based, and as Nike is on the cusp of growing to $50 billion, it is one that fashion is clearly racing towards. And that race is being run in a medium where fashion brands typically can’t afford to play, TV advertising. Sports fashion is about big brands, playing in a big arena. In 2015 that arena caught our attention with some dynamic TV adverts from Nike to Under Armour to Adidas to Asics.

One thing is clear from watching these matches, the players are very male centric and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that the industry has yet to hit on a winning note for women. Keyword: Empowerment. Here are THE IMPRESSION’S TOP 10 SPORT ADS OF 2015.



10Nike: Last

Advertising Agency | Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Creative Directors | Alberto Ponte, Ryan O’Rourke
Art Director | Patty Orlando
Copywriters | Heather Ryder, Darcie Burrell
Sound Design | Barking Owl
Agency Producers | Matt Hunnicutt, Shelley Eisner
Production Company | Park Pictures
Director | Lance Acord
Editor | Angus Wall
Associate Producer | Julie Gursha
Music | Walker

9Adidas: Here’s to the Takers

Advertising Agency | 180LA, USA


8 Nike Women: Better For It – Inner Thoughts

Agency | Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors | Alberto Ponte / Ryan O’Rourke / Dan Viens
Copywriters | Heather Ryder / Darcie Burrell
Art Director | Patty Orlando
Producers | Molly Tait / Julie Gursha
Executive Agency Producer | Matt Hunnicutt
Executive Creative Directors | Mark Fitzloff / Joe StaplesProduction Company | Iconoclast
Director | Matthew Frost
Executive Producer | Charles-Marie Anthonioz
Directors of Photography | Darren Lew / Joost Van Gelder
Artist | Apollo 100
Track | Joy
Sound Designer | Barking Owl

7 Adidas: Create Your Own Game feat. Messi, Bale, James, Özil, Müller, Rubio

Agency | 72andSunny
Director | Henry-Alex Rubin
Production Company | Smuggler
Global VP, Global Communications | Ryan Morlan
Senior Director, Global Communications | Lia Vakoutis
Senior Producer | Kristin Mellqvist
Director, Brand Communications | Flo Alt
Senior Producer | Penny Pijnenburg
Chief Creative Officer | Glenn Cole
Executive Creative Director | Jason Norcross
Recording Studio | Lime Studios
Artist | Two Fingers
Track Name | Haunt Rhythm (Junxie XL Remix)


6Asics: It’s a tough game. Go smash it.

Agency | 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Chief Creative Officer | Al Moseley 
Creative Director | Dean Maryon 
Copywriter | Joe Craig 
Art Director | Tony Bartolucci 
Producers | Susan CookNeil HenryPhil Smart 
Project Manager | Phil Smart 
Editor | Fiona Fuchs 
Producer | Violeta Nikolova 
Director | Thor Saevarsson 
Executive Producer | Jelani Isaacs 
Director of Photography | Baldur Eythorrson 
Photographer | Ben Ingham 
Music | ‘Rock ‘n’ Roller’ by Kaleo

5 Adidas: Unfollow featuring Leo Messi

Agency | 72andSunny
Global VP, Global Communications | Ryan Morlan
Senior Director, Global Communications | Lia Stierwalt
Director, Global Communications | Flo Alt
Senior Producer | Kristin Mellqvist
Senior Producer | Penny Pijnenburg
Chief Creative Officer | Glenn Cole
Executive Creative Director | Jason Norcross
Group Creative Director | Gui Borchert
Director of Film Production | Sam Baerwald
Executive Producer | Dan Ruth
Group Brand Director | James Stephens
Production Company | Smuggler
Music Production Company | Squeak E. Clean Productions

4 Nike: Snow Day

Agency | Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors | Chris Groom, Stuart Brown
Copywriter | Brock Kirby
Art Director | Lee Jennings
Producer | Jeff Selis
Agency Executive Producer | Matt Hunnicutt
Designers | Edgar Morales, Seth Shelman
Head of Production | Ben Grylewicz
Executive Creative Directors | Mark Fitzloff, Joe Staples
Visual Effects Company | The Mission
Mix Company | Joint Editorial
Production Company | Zach King Vines
Photographer | Gary Land
Music, Sound Company | Joint Editorial
Sound Designer | Noah Woodburn
Song | The Payback

3 Under Armour: Rule Yourself

Agency | Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman | David Droga
Chief Executive Officer | Sarah Thompson
Chief Creative Officer | Ted Royer
Creative Director | Alexander Nowak; Felix Richter
Copywriter | Sergio Alonso
Art Director | Sebastian Piacentini
Chief Creation Officer | Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production | Ben Davies
Broadcast Producer | Bill Berg
Global Chief Strategy Officer | Jonny Bauer
Head of Strategy | Chet Gulland
Production Company | RESET
Director/DP | Wally Pfister
Managing Director | Dave Morrison
Executive Producer | Jeff McDougall
Artist | Philip Glass
Title | Einstein on the Beach – “Knee Play 1”

2 Nike Basketball: Bring Your Game

Advertising Agency | Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Creative Directors | Alberto Ponte, Ryan O’Rourke
Copywriter | Ed Harrison
Art Director | Sara Phillips
Agency Executive Producer | Matt Hunnicutt
Agency Producer | Erin Goodsell
Production Company | Superprime Films
Director | Rick Famiyuwa
Executive Producer | Rebecca Skinner
Associate Producer | Julie Gursha
Visual Effects | Mill LA
Sound Design | Barking Owl
Editor | Angus Wall

1 Nike: Short A Guy

Advertising Agency | Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Creative Directors | Stuart Brown, Chris Groom
Art Director | Jason Campbell
Producers | Ross Plummer, Matt Wersinger
Agency Executive Producer | Matt Hunnicutt
Visual Effects | Joint
Client Team Director | Alex Lopez
Agency Producer | Derek Szynal
Editing Company | Work Editorial
Editor | Rich Orrick
Production Company | Imperial Woodpecker
Director | Stacy Wall


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