Thom Browne x Colette Limited Edition Collection

Thom Browne x Colette Limited Edition Collection

Though the Parisian boutique Colette is set to close in December, it continues its heritage of teaming with houses such as Balanciaga, Lucien Pagès, and Sacai with its newest installation – Thom Browne.

Browne has a month-long takeover for October on the second floor of the store showcasing his fitted and clean clothing that caters to both men, women and even children.

This 200-piece collection consist of button-down shirts, blazers, polos and tailored pants that are not foreign to the brand’s office-like aesthetic. New category items will also be featured such as denim, home, and Americana-inspired novelty items.

Colette’s signature blue hue, which pays homage to founder Colette Roussaux, is intertwined with Browne’s signature grey color scheme and familiar red, white, and blue stripes. Many pieces also reference Browne’s sausage dog, Hector, whose likeness is embroidered throughout the range.

The capsule collection also features a made-to-measure area where customers can personalize and custom fit their clothing with tailors from Browne’s store in New York. This will also be the first-time custom tailoring will be available to women.

This partnership with Colette will be followed by Chanel for the month of November, and Saint Laurent will conclude the collaborations in December, fully taking over the location once the store closes at years end.

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