Name - Role - The Impression 250

Thomas Lavelle


Name - Role - The Impression 250

Thomas Lavelle grew up between Delacroix and Saint-Seya, between Tadao Ando and Enki Bilal, between Manara and David Fincher.

Born in 1984 in the south-east of France, he spent his teenage years outdoors skateboarding, as he fell in love with the world around him. His father is an Architect, and beyond having transmitted the notions of volume, space and light to him, it was his father who made him discover very early the power of creativity. He discovered photography at that time, with his grandfather’s old Konica and 50mm. His first pictures were portraits of his brother and nudes of his girlfriend. At the age of 22, Lavelle decided to become a photographer after assisting a portraitist at the Cannes Film Festival. And it is by assisting Nicolas Guérin for 2 years, that he learned his job. After 10 years as a fashion photographer and portraitist, for different brands and magazines, today he puts all his soul to the writing and the realization of personal works.

Paper, Fiasco Magazine, Madame Figaro, Marie Claire Russia, The Rake, XOXO The Mag, August Man, GQ Italia, The Impression

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