Tiffany & Co.

Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Tiffany & Co. Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Trey Laird & Craig McDean

Tiffany & Co. strips down for an elegant and joyful holiday campaign featuring creative direction by Trey Laird and photography by Craig McDean.

McDean captures his models up close alone or in pairs against a neutral studio backdrop. Hairstylist Nigella Miller and makeup artist Diane Kendal find creative ways to weave the iconic Tiffany blue into their work, lending a joyous note to a rich color scheme of glittering metallics, turquoise, and diverse skin tones.

While all of the women are topless, none of the imagery feels sexualized. Much of it actually feels like an uplifting and supportive kind of femininity, especially the partner shots. The aspect of nudity seems to suggest a conversational relationship between the pieces of jewelry and the expressions of the body, as well as letting the strength of the designs and the models’ natural beauty shine through.

The campaign succeeds by introducing elements of joyous sisterhood and fresh-faced boldness into the classic Tiffany & Co. template of timeless elegance.

Agency | Laird+Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Photographer | Craig McDean
Director of Photography | Theo Stanley
Models | Freja Beha Erichsen, Julia Nobis, Mayowa Nicholas, and Binx Walton
Stylist | Patti Wilson
Hair |Nigella Miller
Makeup |Diane Kendal
Manicurist | Honey
Casting Director | Stefanie Stein

Senior Fashion Writer | The Impression
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