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Tiffany & Co. is unique not just for their robin’s egg box with white satin ribbon or their company playing such a prominent role in an iconic film, they also happen to produce the largest breadth of fashion ad creative each year matched only by Dior and Chanel. How do we know? The Impression Plus keeps count.

On the subject of that desirable box, the color is Pantone No. 1837 for all you color addicts and hasn’t been commercially available since being trademarked in 1998 along with the term “Tiffany Blue Box.”

This holiday season the luxury retailer has produced an enchanting ode to the city of New York, lifting the taxi from the film, and it’s holiday experiences in an animated version of reality lensed by Tim Gutt. The Impression team finds the results as enchanting an Disney princess tale for adults and certain to be a December issue page stopper.

Vogue UK - December 2014Vogue UK - December 2014

Photographer | Tim Gutt
Model | Valeria Garcia