Tom Ford

Soleil Spring 2019 Ad Campaign

Tom Ford and his eponymous label make for the most interesting of Venn diagrams. In one concentric circle, he balances intellect and sophistication, in the visceral second circle; desire and lust, while the third is arresting visuals. And nowhere is the intersection of those brand attributes more self-evident than the latest digital campaign by Ford and collaborator Steven Klein for the Tom Ford Soleil Beauty collection.

In just two short videos Ford and Klein remind us that fashion and beauty are aspirationally alluring like no other art form. It helps to have a talented cast even if there is no dialogue. Dutch model Birgit Kos delivers with her sunkissed tan lines, slick back hair, smoldering eyes, and 70s’ styling by Carine Roitfeld, saying more in 10 seconds than most entire screenplays.

The pieces are eloquent, simple, and sexual, posing as many questions as answers enabling the imagination to create its own drama, every bit as much a thriller as it is a sensual mystery.

That is the creatives gifts of Ford and Klein. Sure they are solid technicians understanding lighting, sound, and composition. But the talent to captivate? That an intersection that far too few brand Venn diagrams have managed to depict.

Tom Ford Creative Director | Tom Ford
Agency | KSTUDIO
Photographer/Director | Steven Klein
Models | Birgit Kos, Diego Villarreal, Henry Watkins
Stylist | Carine Roitfeld
Hair | Garren, Thom Priano
Makeup | Diane Kendal
Manicurist | Honey
Set Designer | Andrea Stanley
Color Grading & Finishing | Max Farago