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Tommy Hilfiger Highlights 4 Headliners in Fall 2017 Digital Campaign


When you think of a concert headliner, you think of people that need to be seen, and are worth it. They won’t waste your time or your money, and will make the whole show worthwhile. So, when Tommy Hilfiger chose four artists from different parts of the world for their “Headliners” campaign, you know that they contain something special within them and are probably worth giving a listen to.

To celebrate the brands love for music and to continue from their Fall 2017 collection, and TOMMYNOW runway show, where they highlighted rock-and-roll, the house’s new campaign focuses on true headliners who make statements within their music and in fashion by putting their own individual spin on it. The Chainsmokers from New York City, R&B duo THEY from California, Chanyeol from South Korea, and Jarreau Vandal from the Netherlands.

Across four videos, each artist discusses their influences, relationships with music, and unique fashion style. They talk about not being afraid to be different, and the importance of staying true to yourself that will allow for you to make an impact in the world.

The Impression supports those going out and being who they are and believe that Tommy Hilfiger was smart in using music as a way to reach people and spread their message. Also, their choice of artist, whose individuality plays a part in their music and in their own success, can relate to people and influence them.