Tommy Hilfiger

Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Tommy Hilfiger Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign by Lowfield & Dean Martindale

Tommy Hilfiger celebrates new traditions with a festive holiday campaign. The project features a diverse and talented cast of models and influencers, each photographed in the intimacy of their own home:

Candace Reels: Intersectional feminist, self-love advocate and Female Collective founder, captured in Los Angeles by Lowfield, the photography duo of Sarah Barlow and Stephen Schofield. 

Renée Stewart: Dancer, yoga and meditation teacher, captured in London by photographer Dean Martindale. 

Adam Kenworthy: Chef, content creator, sustainability and mindfulness advocate, captured in New York City by Lowfield. 

Ty Ogunkoya, Billie Brown & Tayo Ogunkoya: Entrepreneur and model Ty, vlogger Billie, and their two-year old son, Tayo, captured in Kent, United Kingdom by Dean Martindale. 

In each of the campaign’s short films, the stars reflect on what the holidays mean to them and how this year’s travel restrictions offer unique challenges and opportunities to holiday traditions. The photographs focus on intimate moments of holiday preparation, togetherness, and joy.

The campaign does struggle somewhat in its attempt to balance the real intimacy of lockdown DIY campaigns with a catalog-ready aesthetic of perfection.

The people and homes we see do feel honest and natural, but all signs of the messiness of real life – a major part of what made lockdown campaigns so impactful – have been removed. It is hard to identify with the lives of these characters when their homes have been so painstakingly arranged and presented – plus, we don’t believe that those kids would be that happy to get socks for Christmas.

Tommy Hilfiger Creative Director | Tommy Hilfiger
Photographers | Dean Martindale & Lowfield, Sarah Barlow & Stephen Schofield
Talent | Candace Reels, Renée Stewart, Adam Kenworthy, Ty Ogunkoya, Tayo Ogunkoya & Billie Brown
Locations | Los Angeles, London, New York City, and Kent, UK