Tommy Jeans Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Axel Morin

Tommy Jeans

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Axel Morin

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of pulling ‘Q Scores’ on celebrity talent you find a world of information that often validates your intuition. Q Scores are surveyed summaries measuring the familiarity and appeal of celebrities and often used to quantify if a celebrity is perceived as a trendsetter, approachable, fashionable, artistic and a myraid of other characteritics.

The latest Tommy Jeans campaign reminds us of the scoring service. Not because the talents feel as though they were pulled from survey results, but because the campaign matches the positive variables one hopes are associated with celebrity talent. The digitally well-conceived campaign resonates with the intended audience, has a reason to exist, is informative and embraceable.

The campaign features emerging music talent singer-songwriter and producer Sunni Colón, singer Glowie, R&B singer-songwriter IV Jay and rapper Saba. It is designed to celebrate leading emerging voices in fashion, music and modern American spirit.

Shot by photographer Axel Morin and videographer Chris Read in London, the campaign connects the digitally-savvy global Tommy Jeans community with the four artists wearing streetwear-inspired looks during intimate music performances for fans to discover on social media. The content captures the energy, confidence, and authenticity of each performer as they inspire the next generation of Tommy Jeans fans with their determined optimism and unique artistic expression. Unveiling each artist thoughts on making it today and what is of value. The mobile-first campaign also includes exclusive interviews with the community of ambassadors who share how they carved their own path into the music industry, driven by a relentless desire to make their dreams a reality.

In essence, it is a series of philosophical ‘how-to-make-it-today’ for those who fantasize about making it in the music industry which is spot on the Tommy Jean demographic. The pieces have a light touch, they are casual, embraceable, business and life savvy, while still stylish. Much like the man behind the brand himself.

Tommy Hilfiger Creative Director | Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger Art Directors | Kasper Fjederholt & Ruby Thompson
Photographer | Axel Morin
Director | Chris Read
Talents | Sunni Colón, Glowie, IV Jay & Saba
Lighting | Mickaël Bambi
Producer | Lou Tench

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