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By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As much as unmentionables play an intimate role in our everyday lives the advertising landscape isn’t very crowded with few serious players in the space. This year we saw Twin-Set step-up their game overseas while Calvin Klein got its hashtag on or off for that matter. Both Wolford and La Perla made turn arounds in 2014 coming a long way from their campaigns of the previous years which hadn’t made our list. Here is the The Impressions Top 10 Underwear & Intimates Ads of 2014.top-10-underwear.001 top-10-underwear.002 top-10-underwear.003 top-10-underwear.004 top-10-underwear.005 top-10-underwear.006 top-10-underwear.007 top-10-underwear.008 top-10-underwear.009 top-10-underwear.010