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Our Look at the Smartest Marketing Concepts of Spring 2015

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

The lion’s share of fashion advertising was predicated on a model that included two shows per year, two ad campaigns per year, and public relations pushing out product for long lead print vehicles. Today that model is obviously quite antiquated and marketers find themselves having to work harder, faster, and smarter to cut through the clutter that inundates today’s consumers and deal with the multiple ‘boxes’ that are always on. This need to always be ‘on’ is compounded by many houses’ need to grow distribution via the internet, retail as well as wholesale – resulting in essentially two target markets, the end users and the gate keepers who enable brands to be sold through their channels.

For Spring 2015, a number of innovators took risks to enable their houses to stand out from the crowd – be it via public relations, showmanship, leveraging new technologies in new ways, or simply magnifying their reach via new partnerships. This week, The Impression partnered with ‘A Fashion’ video to applaud 5 of those innovators, 1 per day, for their smart marketing and ability to buck the system and take calculated risk.

Here are The Impression’s 5 Smartest Marketing Concepts of Spring 2015.

No.5 Valentino





Video Created by | A Fashion
Editor | Anna Lovisa