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Fashion as always been a bit shy when it comes to pulling back the curtain to cast light on its wizards. Which is why so often behind-the-scenes videos have been treated as precious music videos with camera’s panning behind photographers as models pose, resulting in two minutes clips that feel like twenty.

In 2016 two houses wisely worked their wizards into a framework that built interesting narrative and made for compelling viewing. Rag & Bone went virtual with a candid interview with Creative Director Marcus Wainwright as he explains his overarching business philosophy and driving his teams “around the bend.” The piece unveils the process in a manner that brings the viewer into his reality.

That same concept was played out by one of fashion’s most underestimated and smartest marketing teams, Victoria’s Secret. CMO and Executive Producer Ed Razek and crew have constantly jumped the barriers of fashion going direct to consumer and direct to TV resulting in fashion’s most visible runway show. For the past two seasons they have also pulled back the curtain to unveil the development of their iconic show with an 8 part series. Everything from casting to production to the wings themselves is covered giving their passionate fan base a deeper experience. Wisely the team releases the series prior to the TV broadcast enabling fans, who often watch the show in groups, something more to chat about while the show is happening. The series is well conceived and the casting section alone is a must for any inspiring model as they cover the scale of the mountain to climb, the reality of rejection, and the work it takes to don wings.

Victoria’s Secret and Rag & Bone both understand the power of transparency, both on the runway and within their marketing strategies which is why they make The Impression’s Top Behind-the-Scenes Fashion Films of 2016.



Two Bit Circus, Inc.
Director | Jessie Hill
Executive Producers | Nancy Bennett & Jay Spangler
Head of Production | Tyler Heon
Lead Engineer | Aaron Thomen
Production Supervisor | Dana Palomni
Development Coordinator | Jake Sally
Director of New Business & Strategic Partnerships | Sam White
Office Coordinator | Jacqueline Fernandez
Office Production Assistant | Dustin Treinen
Line Producer | Matt Day
VR Director of Photography | Nathan Beaman
VR Camera Operator / Technician | Jim Geduldick
VR Camera Operator | Smokey Nelson
Sound Mixer | Josh Isaac
Set Production Assistant | Tyler Killer
Post Production Supervisor | Janie Oliver
Editor | Chip Eddy
Lead Assistant Editor | Andrew Hernandez
Colorist | Rusty Dunn
Music | Noah Lifschey
Data Transfer Services | EPS/Cineworks

rag & bone
CEO, Founder, & Creative Director | Marcus Wainwright
Stylist | Karen Langley
Casting Director | Ashley Brokaw
Original Soundtrack | Thom Yorke
Sound Mixing & Editing | Kris Bones
Executive Producer | Prodject
Hair | Orlando Pita
Makeup | Tom Pecheux
Kinetic Sculptures & Visual Programming | TEM Studio


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Production | Madoff Productions