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They are the image makers. The ones behind the scenes whose handiwork helps shape something bigger than an outfit . . . the brand. These creative leaders shape our landscape, our conversations, our sales and our livelihoods. They inspire, inform and, ultimately, influence popular culture. This year the bar was raised for fashion creatives because of the work of these visionaries. Here are THE IMPRESSION’S TOP CREATIVES OF 2015

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

Aboud Creative

Alan Aboud | Executive Creative Director

Atelier Franck Durand

Franck Durand | CEO & Chief Creative Director

Baron & Baron

Fabien Baron | CEO & Chief Creative Director

Berger & Wild

Tenzin Wild | CEO
Magnus Berger | Chief Creative Director

Buero New York

Alex Wiederin | Creative Director


Richard Christiansen | Creative Director


David James | Creative Director

Giovanni Bianco Studio65/GB65

_Giovanni Bianco by Luigi and Iango

Giovanni Bianco | Creative Director/Founder

Julien Gallico

Julien Gallico | Creative Director/Founder


Pascal Dangin | CCO, CEO, & Founder

King & Partners

Tony King | CEO/Creative Director

Laird + Partners

Trey Laird | CEO & Chief Creative Director

Lloyd & CO

Doug Lloyd | Founder & Creative Director


Sara Rotman | Founder/CCO

MP Creative

Ben Sandler | Creative Director
Markus Kiersztan | Founder & Creative Director


Jacob Wildschiødtz | Creative Director

REM Ruini E Mariotti


Riccardo Ruini | Creative Director

Saturday Group


Jens Grede | CEO & Founder
Erik Torstensson | Creative Director & Founder

Simmonds Ltd.

Christopher simmonds

Christopher Simmonds | Creative Director


Lee Swillingham | Creative Director

Two Hustlers

Kevin Kollenda | CEO & Co-Founder

Yard NYC


Stephen Niedzwiecki | Founder, Chief Creative Director
Ruth Bernstein | Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer