Topshop | #TopshopIT Holiday 2018 Campaign by Laird+Partners

For their 2018 holiday campaign, British multinational contemporary retailer, Topshop, turned to American international fashion creative agency, Laird+Partners, to help them figure out to how to do it for the holiday season. ‘It’ becoming the operative world as the agency created a campaign centered around #TopshopIT, and a copy directive with ‘It’ at the core.

‘Love It,’ ‘Bag It,’ Rock It,’ ‘Be It,’ ‘Feel It’ and a bevy of other ‘Do It’ like phrases are blow up as copy points to accompany imagery lensed by Daniel Jackson and a series of Instagram films by Lacey. The campaign was teased with a series of Instagram post announcing the collection to break on 15.10.18, all accompanying with #TopshopIT. 

Models Anwar Hadid, Dilone, Presley Gerber, Duckie Thot, Birgit Kos, Cara Taylor, Adonis Bosso and Sofia Mechetner each fronted individual film segments explain what it means to “Dilone It” or to “Duckie It.” Cute to tie the models own names into the campaign as ti a win-win for all including their agencies.

England plays home to the world’s most competitive set of ads outside of the US Super Bowl, that of the holiday shopping season, and it is good to see Topshop make an effort to ‘own it’ with an early lead. The campaign is straight forward contemporary banter and The Impression applauds them stepping up this holiday season to team with Laird+Partners to drive a well-conceived, holistic campaign.

While we would love it more if the graphics execution was less contemporary and more elevated, we understand it is in line with the consumer and that is the gift of teaming with Laird+Partners, they tend to bring out the best in the DNA of the brand rather than force their own agency DNA upon them. Leaving it a fun challenge for all to figure out how to ‘Top it’ for next season.

Agency | Laird+ Partner
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Art Director | Alejandra Garibay
Photographer | Daniel Jackson
Film Director | Lacey
Models | Anwar Hadid, Dilone, Presley Gerber, Duckie Thot, Birgit Kos, Cara Taylor, Adonis Bosso and Sofia Mechetne
Stylist | Alex White
Hair | Esther Langham
Makeup | Romy Soleimani
Manicurist | Tracylee
Movement Director | Thomas Gibbons
Casting Director | Stephanie Stein
Music | About This Thing by Young Franco featuring Scrufizzer