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Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign

Review of Tory Burch Holiday 2020 Ad Campaign with Natalia Vodianova and Anok Yai

With models Natalia Vodianova and Anok Yai, Tory Burch invites us in for a magical, staycation filled holiday season in the leading New York designer Holiday 2020 short film and campaign.

The circumstances of this crazy year will keep most of us at home for the holidays, and Tory Burch helps us see that in the most wonderful light imaginable. For her latest campaign Burch sets up a surreal holiday circus of camaraderie and friendship with the two protagnoist tying a tree to the top of a mattress atop a classic Citroën SM. Next, we get a handful of shots where the friends are simply playing inside together–an important and all too easily forgotten part of the holidays.

Playtime begins with dressing up in their winter gear and going skiing past the stairs. Then they move to passing crowns and tiaras around while riding bicycles indoors. The bike riding moves swiftly into indoor tennis and a friend showing off her juggling skills. We are then brought into the library where they will read together, but not before this family of friends use the books to play “the floor is lava!” The entire video ends with shots showing a backyard camping experience of which anyone of us would love to be a part. Against a background of the estate, we see two Citroën SMs, one acting as the base for a tent and the other holding a mountain of suitcases. The group is laughing, dancing, and shooting home videos around these cars. They finish by dancing around the fire and eating s’mores with a Sgt. Pepper’s-like drummer, a knight, and friends in big animal costumes.

The campaign serves to remind us that being cloistered does not have to be limiting. With the right people, attitude, and imagination, we can have wonderful holiday experiences without leaving home at all.

Tory Burch Creative Director | Tory Burch
Models | Natalia Vodianova, Anok Yai

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