Tory Burch

'Walk the Walk' Spring 2020 Ad Campaign

Tory Burch steps into action with a campaign that celebrates women’s empowerment.

Titled “Walk the Walk,” the Spring Summer 2020 campaign features photography from Mikael Jansson. He captures models Anok Yai and Natalia Vodianova as they walk and talk through a neoclassical park in Palermo. These women are comfortable, confident, and happy; they embrace femininity while exuding a strength that challenges antiquated concepts of gender roles.

The idea of ambition is central to this campaign. The campaign arrives just after the ten year anniversary of the Tory Burch Foundation, which supports women entrepreneurs and invests in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses. For years the rallying cry for the foundation has been “Embrace Ambition,” which seeks to undo the double standard surrounding that word. Men are often celebrated for being ambitious, while ambitious women are often either feared or not taken seriously. This campaign provides an image of a woman who is in touch with beauty and femininity, but is not merely confined to it, and instead draws power from her own sense of self.

Reflecting on the campaign and the genesis of the Tory Burch foundation, one of the campaign’s stars says:

Knowing that it was part of a very meaningful message. It was the first time Tory was going to be announcing her commitment and already impressive actions towards women empowerment, a cause dear to my heart. Tory’s foundation has already done so much and invested a lot to support young female entrepreneurs.

— Natalia Vodianova

The idea of walking the walk aptly sums up this commitment to action. Walking the walk follows after talking the talk; it means turning speech into action, making one’s ideas and ambitions a concrete reality. Through this campaign and the ideas behind, Tory Burch continues to exemplify what it means to translate the essential ideas of feminism into action.

Tory Burch Creative Director | Tory Burch
Photographer | Mikael Jansson
Models | Natalia Vodianova & Anok Yai
Stylist | Benjamin Bruno
Hair | James Pecis
Makeup | Mark Carrasquillo