Tory Burch x Mytheresa - Tory's Day by the Numbers

Tory Burch x Mytheresa | Tory’s Day by the Numbers

Tory Burch puts the woman in “career woman.” The multi-talented designer, CEO, and philanthropist has had one of the most meteoric rises in fashion in the last two decades. When she founded her eponymous brand from her kitchen table in 2004, she hoped to open 3 stores within five years; she opened 17. Today, the Tory Burch label is a global brand, boasting more than 200 stores worldwide. More than this success, it’s Tory’s unwavering dedication to women’s empowerment that cemented her as the new face of Mytheresa’s Women series.

The online luxury retailer celebrated Tory’s success with a day-in-the-life style film featuring Tory in her Manhattan office. From her morning commute to her favorite snacks, Tory lists and numbers some of the most important things in her daily life. The film takes an intimate look at the matron of bohemian luxe, highlighting the candid and personable charm which she built her brand on.

From a stay-at-home mom to a permanent fixture in the fashion industry, Tory embodies everything the Women’s series is about. Since cutting her teeth with industry giants like Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Loewe, she has built her entire career on the empowerment of other women. Her pay-it-forward approach to business sets her apart in the fashion world, and makes her a perfect Mytheresa Woman.





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