Trashbird Artist Ode to Luxury Handbags

Thrashbird | Artist Ode to Luxury Handbags

Los Angeles-based street artist Thrashbird has taken to an abandoned concrete plant in Lime, Oregon, to confront common themes that people worldwide can relate to: the desire for high social status and the willingness to do whatever it takes to reach that status regardless of the aftermath.

The abandoned plant is scattered with spray-painted concrete boulders “dressed up as designer bags.”

Thrashbird’s “Valley of Secret Values” project, which can be considered an ode to luxury handbags, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Fendi, proves to be not only a unique way to communicate brands but also an unusual way to both shed light on and tackle the universal struggle with ego and grandiosity.

While his identity remains unknown, his message certainly doesn’t.

“We grapple for status and purpose in society,” said Thrashbird, “with complete disregard for the people and the planet affected by our careless over consumption of ephemeral consumer goods.

“We have come to a place in society where things and social status have become more important than our connection to each other.”

Thrashbird’s message behind his concrete handbags prompts further discussion on how people assign value and status and how those exact methods are contributing to the deterioration of the planet as well as human connection.

Imagine just what Thrashbird could do in Detroit.