Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of TTSWTRS Fall 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Director Anna Osmiekhina with Photographer Ksenia Kargina

For their Fall 2021 campaign, TTSWTRS gives us an aquatic vision of humanity’s future that is at once both darkly haunting and beautiful. Creative director Anna Osmiekhina worked with photographer Ksenia Kargina to realize the stunning campaign visuals.

This collection is my manifesto to water. I love and sincerely admire it. I think that we treat water without due respect and admiration. And on many planets it does not exist at all. I wanted to convey my admiration for its color, character, and states.

– Anna Osmiekhina, TTSWTRS Creative Director

The campaign explores this theme through subtle and cerebral – yet exquisitely striking – visuals. Kargina’s imagery has its basis in a low-tech, minimalist environment, but smartly uses this set to create an expansive science-fiction atmosphere. A completely dark space with a black rubberized floor is filled with a three-inch layer of water (reminiscent of and perhaps inspired by the set of the Void from Stranger Things). Among this endless, abyssal environment, Osmiekhina’s futuristic designs, and the people wearing them, take on a hauntingly powerful quality.

Each season has seen the brand expand on its initial, smart but limited concept of a wearable, tattooed second skin. Always working closely with graphic designers, previous collections have seen Osmiekhina incorporate elements of streetwear, couture dresses, and lingerie, and move from tattooed flesh tones to BDSM black. With this collection, she lands for the first time on a palette of mostly all-white. These pale silhouettes, which alternate between skin-tight and freely flowing, become especially ghostly among the inky depths. We feel as if we have traveled to some unfathomable depths, and discovered new – yet uncannily familiar – life forms that enact a dance of alien joy. The reflections on the water are especially stunning, and we wish the room had been big enough to let the camera pull back all the way and give us the full effect.

For Spring 2021, TTSWTRS went for a maximalist application of technology, creating a VR fashion show that brought us into an elaborate, technosexual fantasy world. While this Fall campaign is clearly executed with tighter budget constraints, it feels like a nice way to counterbalance and further develop the brand’s visionary creative world. This campaign is simple, quiet, and thoughtful, but it still has excellently realized visuals that conjure up a nuanced emotional realm.

With their futuristic bent and technological second-skin garments, TTSWTRS is very much concerned with what it means to be an embodied human, and how this meaning will change in the future.

As the ecological stability of the planet becomes more precarious, and humanity becomes more entangled with technology, we hope that we can count on artists like these to remind us of what is beautiful and essential about our home and ourselves.

There may not be water on other planets, but TTSWTRS demonstrates that we still have much to learn about our own.

TTSWTRS Creative Director | Anna Osmiekhina
Photographer | Ksenia Kargina
Models | Glori Olatunji, Tamila Protsenko, & Marina Polkanova
Stylist | Svetlana Snezhko
Hair | Alexandra Grizina
Makeup | Valeria Ostrianina
Producer | Aleksandra Fedosova Sophia Polyakova