TTSWTRS Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of TTSWTRS Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by TTSWTRS Creative Director Anna Osmiekhina and Photographer Kseniia Kargina

TTSWTRS, a well-known Ukrainian brand, continues to discover the concept of the future in their clothing and presents the Spring 2021 Earth series dedicated to the treasures of the Earth. The collection was produced by creative director Anna Osmiekhina and photographer Kseniia Kargina.

This season, TTSWTRS looks into humankind’s visual heritage as a constant that can be relocated throughout the galaxy. In the hypothetical future involving space travel and inhabiting new planets, visual culture becomes the go-to communication tool — and TTSWTRS captures it in clothing to imprint the Earth’s memories.

The Earth series’s centerpieces are the close-bodied overall body and leggings in different beige hues, imitating naked skin. “Second skin” is ornamented with inscriptions and images: mantras, sayings, primordial and philosophic symbols. They can be interpreted independently or be perceived as a cultural anthology of humankind. Some of the items feature the detailed description of the physical form, disassembling the body simultaneously preserving the essence — human identity.   

The collection also includes items developed in collaboration. The Naked Landscape coat was created together with Kseniia Kargina, one of the most famous Ukrainian photographers. Earth, Mars, and Venus hoodies were a result of cooperation with Jeremy Harnell, the American designer, and illustrator.   

Anna Osmiekhina, TTSWTRS founder and designer, dwelling upon the hypothetical future of space nomads, aimed at creating clothes able to commemorate the Earth. The designer proposes a look through the TTSWTRS lens of the humankind cultural code, where visual heritage is the focal point. In other words, this collection simultaneously looks forward to the glory of the future and a celebration of the Earth, our home. Poking fun at the current leaders of the budding space-travel industry, one of the shirts reads, “Hey, Elon, I’ve chosen Earth.”

We can not shrug off the possibility that at some point in the future we will have to live on the other planet, void of the surroundings. The Earth series is our way of reminding how important it is to bask in life’s glory and absorb the beauty around us, how vital it is to master the art of slowing down and being present — here and now  

Anna Osmiekhina

TTSWTRS consolidates the accumulated visual heritage of humankind as-is to express their own view of the world-to-be. This is their interpretation of the world of our descendants — intergalactic travelers, moving between planets. The collection explores individuals as species, their physical, spiritual and emotional essence. 

TTSWTRS Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos
TTSWTRS Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos
TTSWTRS Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Photos

TTSWTRS Creative Director | Anna Osmekhina
Photographer | Kseniia Kargina