Ulla Johnson

Fall 2020 Ad Campaign

A new campaign from Ulla Johnson explores texture and tension on the shores of Long Island.

Starring models Indira Scott and Jordan Daniels, the Fall 2020 campaign draws visual strength from the interplay of patterns between the pieces of clothing and the geological structures of their environment. The collection is characterized by ruffled fabric and bold and varied prints, and stylist April Hughes dresses her models in complementary, almost-matching outfits, creating a striking sense of visual repetition. Positioning them before huge rocks which bear the evidence of millennia of erosion by wind and water, photographer Yelena Yemchuk extends this pattern play out into the entire composition.

In both the photographs and the film, Scott and Daniels bring a unique energy which solidifies the campaign. It is left up to us to decide whether we think they are friends, lovers, or – considering their almost-identical outfits – two parts of a single person. In their physical motions and stances, they seem to variously embody attitudes that are traditionally associated with both a feminine softness and a masculine strength, making for an exciting mode of self expression.

Despite its tensions of divergent and duplicated, soft and hard, masculine and feminine – or perhaps because of them – the campaign feels elegantly cohesive. Reveling in the beautiful contradictions of the natural world, it summons an effortless strength, a forceful softness – and the result is solid as a rock.

Ulla Johnson Creative Director | Ulla Johnson
Photographer | Yelena Yemchuk
Models | Indira Scott, Jordan Daniels
Stylist | April Hughes
Hair | Bob Recine
Makeup | Romy Soleimani 
Location | Long Island