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Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike Spring 2018 Ad Campaign

After having the past campaigns set in New York and London for the Rockstud Spike collection, Valentino Garavani comes back for the Spring 2018 season, but this time in Tokyo. Teaming up again with agency, Ruini Studio, and photographer, Terry Richardson, they created a campaign that captures the different places and faces of Tokyo.

Creative director, Riccardo Ruini and Richardson comprised a series of videos that takes you on a journey into the exciting and vibrant places of the city. The accessories are seen on everyday people as they wear it in their own individual way, which lets you see how the bag reflects the diverse Tokyo style.

Like the videos from New York and London, the people were asked the same series of questions about their favorite dance move, favorite Italian word, and who their hero is. However, this time they also capture them in their own element and having some fun in a session of typical and always entertaining karaoke, singing to a classic Italian song “Penisiero Stupendo,” and playing Dance Revolution at the Warehouse Kawasaki.

Continuing to be set the campaigns in the world’s fashion capitals, Ruini is allowing for viewers to see just how different and diverse the people are that live within them. We get to see them in their most authentic and genuine states while also being able to better understand them and their stories.

At The Impression, we like Ruini’s approach on capturing ordinary people in their most truthful states and are curious to see if he continues this idea for future campaign in other fashion capitals like Paris and Milan.




















Agency | Rem Ruini e Mariotti
Creative Director | Riccardo Ruini
Photographer | Terry Richardson