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Valentino Shakes Up Fashion Films By Focusing on Collection Trends


Valentino’s latest video series goes beyond promoting the physical pieces from the collection, and creates narratives surrounding the ideas that exude from the collection. In this move, not normally seen in fashion film, Valentino focused on specific trends rather than specific accessories.

So far Valentino has showcased three trends from their recent collections for both men and women; Panther, Tattoo, and Denim. The Panther videos feature models in jackets displaying the reimagined panther motif from the Haute Couture archives. One follows a young woman as she sneaks into and explores a natural history museum full of cats, and the other depicts the cunningness and vitality of a Valentino man, juxtaposed with that of a real panther. The tattoo film rightfully explores the free spirit of punk, as a group of teenagers break into a tattoo parlor in the middle of the day for some DIY art, all donning tattoo embroidered accessories and jackets. While the last film brings an interestingly light and feminine take on denim, where the models are seen performing a choreographed ballet performance on stage.

Valentino is effective in evoking an aesthetic as its own dream world. One is entering a world where ballet and denim makes sense. A world where clothing is not merely an object, but a way of being. Most of the videos have an element of sneaking in—evoking a forbidden quality surrounding Valentino. The surrealist narrative of the videos cultivate a distinction between the mundane outside world, and the exciting inside world of Valentino. In order to access Valentino’s world, one must be bold.