Vaquera Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by David Moses & Tina Barney


Concepts MTV Cribs Inspired Campaign

Vaquera is making a home for itself in the industry by telling stories with their clothing. The brand has already amassed a reputation for its conceptual designs, and for exploring the meaning(s) of luxury. In doing so, Vaquera has landed themselves a collaboration with Hulu, and even created a human-size Tiffany bag. This brand of a family is growing, and is building a space for themselves, and even bringing on famed art director Christopher Simmonds.

We all have different ideas of what our home would look like, but we agree that an ideal home is a place where you can feel inspired and comfortable.

– Vaquera

And it would appear that home is where the heart is as for Vaquera’s Fall 2019 campaign the label and Simmonds took influence from the popular MTV Cribs lifestyle show entitled Vaquera Cribs. And to drive that home-style connection even further, the campaign includes models lensed by portrait photographer Tina Barney with their real-life parents. The film, directed by Jack Sunnucks and Juan Palacio, invites us into the homes of Calvin, Vegas, and Jade for a look around meeting each of their friends and families, all in two minutes. 

In our fantasy, the Vaquera home would have a different theme for each room. We’d have an all-pink room full of pigs, and we’re also into the idea of having a conference room and a hair salon. Maybe a room just full of bows, too.

– Vaquera

Vaquera has taken the time to build a home for itself. The foundation has been laid. The walls have been put up, and furniture has been bought. Of course, a house does not mean a home, and home comes from family. Vaquera’s family is tight. They’re personable and quirky, and most especially, play by their own rules—a trait that is immeasurable. 

Vaquera Creative Director | Jack Sunnucks & Juan Palacio
Agency | Simmonds Ltd
Creative Director | Christopher Simmonds
Photographer | David Moses & Tina Barney
Models | Vegas, Jade Magnolia Boulton, & Calvin Laporte
Stylist | Emma Wyman
Hair | Alex Brownsell
Makeup | Emi Kaneko
Manicurist |
Casting | Midland
Set Designer | Mila Taylor-Young