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Vera Wang’s New Bridal Video Offers a Haunting Ode to Romance

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Vera Wang, the designer whose brand has grown to quintessentially represent bridal, has released a new video that boldly zips to the industry’s zag. Rather than resting on the industry laurels and offering a canned, realistic tribute to the transformative event of getting married, Vera Wang and director Gordon von Steiner have produced a hauntingly romantic film that feels like a fever-induced dream that drips with passion.

In the piece, a coven of brides wearing sultry, sheer dresses are haunting a decrepit building, passionately lounging on day beds, running through hallways and caressing sheets, all set to an eerie soundtrack. Mid film, the tempo quickens as a new muse emerges through a ripped sheet to provocatively dance with fierce and passionate bravado.

Director von Steiner worked with Wang last year on her bridal piece and went on to become the director of photography on Prada’s haunted resort film by Steven Meisel as well as Coach’s spring film by Meisel and Fabien Baron. Von Steiner has a fluid cinematic hand that is uniquely his in the pieces and knows just how to draw the viewer in with sweeping pans and orchestrated movements by his actors. It is clear that not unlike the legendary director Sergio Leone, von Steiner starts with the musical piece first and films to synchronize, which makes for more emotional storytelling.

The film is not what first comes to mind when one thinks of bridal. It is passionate, lustful, unexpected and original. No wonder Vera Wang represents bridal so well.


Director | Gordon von Steiner
Models | Sarah Brannon, Nastya Sten, Hedvig Palm, Clementine Deraedt, Issa Lish, Josephine Le Tutour.
Stylist | Victoria Mesenbrink
Hair | Bok-Hee
Makeup | Marla Belt