Vera Wang | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Say the name ‘Vera Wang‘ to mainstream America and watch how it denotes idealistic glamour and visions of luxury wedding gowns.

We here at The Impression have another perception of the house, that of a split personality. On one side is the mainstream American glamour house that today operates via a license business model. This side enjoys luxury wedding gowns, tableware and the economic engine driven by a license at a big box retailer that carries a label known as Simply Vera Vera Wang only at Kohl’s.

But the other side…. that half of the personality, that darker, more complex half. Now that is interesting.

The flip side of the coin has no handcuffs of licenses. This side is a free and forward thinker developing some of the strongest conceptual design in American today. It has the understanding of luxury craftsmanship, a working knowledge of modern movement, and an edge that stands on its own. Sadly the location where it stands is in the US, where because of the flip side, will never be able to blossom globally. That side, The Impression believes, belongs overseas. Specifically in Paris. Where it can breath, thrive and hold its own without the shackles of its perception and big box retail partner.

Vera Wang is a great designer and season-after-season The Impression has watched her communication touch upon that in partnership with artist such as Pascal Dangin and here in the Fall 2018 ad campaign by visionary photographers Inez & Vinoodh.

The campaign check all the boxes of a forward thinking design house; edgy, stark, visually distinctive, strong and forward.

But where does it live? How can it be nurtured to assure it is seen in the light of contemporaries such as Rick Owens and dare we say Dior? This collection is more powerful than simply a vanity project by a designer looking for emotional fulfillment. It is representative of a talent that we would like to see more of, with more frequency. And without that foundation being pored over the old one, so that globally the split personality turns into one, it doesn’t matter how many Inez & Vinoodh’s the house teams with.

Photographer | Inez & Vinoodh
Model | Lia Pavlova, Odette Pavlova, Oslo Grace, Sora Choi, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Teddy Quinlivan
Stylist | Panos Yiapanis
Hair | Shon
Makeup | Marla Belt
Manicurist | Kelly B



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